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Union College and Queen's University

Queen’s University does not provide programmes in Theology directly. Instead, students enrol with one of the recognised Colleges that provide the teaching for Theology degrees on behalf of the University.

All Queen’s undergraduate Theology students enrol at Union. We provide a wide range of module choices. Union is situated adjacent to the Queen’s campus, just 100 yards from The McClay Library, the main university library, and at the heart of the university quarter.

Union College students have achieved great success at the university. In the past year, 100% of Theology scholarships have been won by Union students.

Union College offers programmes leading to the Bachelor of Divinity (BD) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) through Queen’s. There is also a Graduate Diploma in Theology and full opportunities exist for students to enrol through Union for the range of postgraduate degrees in Theology awarded by Queen’s (MTh, MPhil and PhD).

If you are taking a Queen’s degree at Union College, as well as being a full internal student at Queen’s with access to all the university’s facilities, you also have access to all the facilities and opportunities available at Union College.