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What our students say about us

Each year there is a National Student Survey taken across all UK universities. This is what Theology students at Queen's said last year about their studies at Union College:

  • 100% said that the course provided opportunities to explore ideas or concepts in depth

  • 100% said that staff are good at explaining things

  • 100% said that Library resources their learning well

  • 94% said that the course is well-organised and runs smoothly


"One of the outstanding features of Union College is the combination of academic rigour, uniquely set within the context of a warm, worshipping community. The facilities on offer are truly exceptional. In particular, students are furnished with a vast array of resources via Union's phenomenal theological library. From personal experience, students are given every opportunity and encouragement to succeed in their academic and vocational studies. Administrative staff members are always available to help students practically, while faculty constantly provide intellectual stimulus and focus. In short, it has been an immense privilege to study in such an environment."


"Union provided an environment in which academic study and personal faith could, and often did, contribute to and enhance one another. Wrestling with the serious questions of my faith ultimately led to the deepening of it."

 "Union was fantastic for a number of reasons. You find yourself close enough to the main Queen's campus to experience all the benefits of the wider University, but detached enough to enjoy being a member of the Union family. There is a real community spirit among students and faculty, and you will be made very welcome regardless of your beliefs or background."

"I suppose for me there are three important areas to consider: teaching standards, facilities and attitudes. I found the lecturers knew their subjects in depth, were well prepared and able communicators, who were open to discussion. These guys knew their stuff and were patient in trying to illuminate the rest of us! The facilities are great and all within the one beautiful (if old) building. The Gamble Library is probably the best in Ireland. There were always free study areas and computers, if needed, and it is within the environs of Queen's with everything to offer students. Finally, the attitude of all the staff I met was great. Caretakers, secretaries/support staff and teaching staff were always willing to help, give advice and generally looked out for you. It's a great place to learn from others, study for yourself, socialise and chill-out."

"Union was such a fantastic place to study because it had so many resources. The library contains a wide variety of books and journals which helped a lot when I was writing assignments. But most importantly, it was a friendly and welcoming environment, ensuring that I settled in well when I began and leading to many friendships which will continue after college."