Why Union?

Degree courses in Theology at Queen's are taught at Union Theological College. There are good reasons why you should choose to study Theology at Union.

  • Success


    10 out of 12 postgraduate Theology scholarships for the past two years have been won by Union students.

  • Largest Theological Library in Northern Ireland

    Largest Theological Library in Northern Ireland

    65,000 books, over 20,000 pamphlets, 50 theological periodicals plus online resources.

  • Cost competitive courses

    Cost competitive courses

    We have the most affordable courses in the UK.

  • Student Numbers

    Student Numbers

    Nearly all QUB undergraduate Theology students attend Union College.

  • Module Choice

    Module Choice

    Union offers over 40 undergraduate modules, representing a huge choice for our students.

  • Knowledge & experience

    Knowledge & experience

    Five full-time professors, a Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Biblical Studies and a Lecturer in Historical Theology, plus several part-time lecturers and tutors, offering a wide range of specialist expertise.

  • In the heart of the city

    In the heart of the city

    We are situated beside the main Queen's campus, only 100 yards from the main university library.

  • Excellent residential accommodation

    Excellent residential accommodation

    Impressive modern accommodation in a central location.