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Pal Domokos Szekely, Hungary

“I am way more than grateful to be able to study in Union Theological College and to inhale the culture of Northern Ireland with its refreshing damp air! The city of Belfast is full with remarkable places to visit, for example the Union Theological College itself or quite near to it the Botanic Gardens. During my time here I had to do many papers for my sending university as well, which I found the Gamble Library extremely helpful for. I have taken 3 modules and each satisfied my expectations and challenged me as well. Lecturers spoke clearly and were also patient and kind when I did not get something. The community in the college is great.

There is coffee-time every day at 11 o’clock where everybody meets up for a chat, not to mention the weekly worship, and of course there are plenty of events and churches nearby to engage with the social culture of Belfast”.


Faye Jones, Liverpool

I am a student from Liverpool just finishing my first year studying at Union Theological College. The past year has been one of the best in my life- surprisingly. At the start I was terrified to be moving to a place I didn’t know, meeting people I didn’t know and being clueless about nearly everything. But I found it so easy to make friends and relationships here that have gotten me through my homesickness. The lecturers are extremely friendly and intelligent, the people come from all over and are welcoming and the course itself I would argue it one of the best. Not only do I study here but I also live in the accommodation on the upper floors. Which after settling in has been an amazing experience and  I don’t think I would have liked to have lived anywhere else for my first year.

Overall, Union is an amazing place filled with amazing people and I can’t wait to carry on my studies here.


Morgan Bryn Williams, Wales

Wrth i mi ddod i Belfast, roeddwn yn dod yn ‘nabod neb. Ond oherwydd y gymdeithas sydd yma yn y Coleg, des i yn ffrindia’ da gyda llawer, o bob blwyddyn. Mae’r amser coffi yn y bore yn gyfle gwych i sgwrsio ac i ddal fyny, nid yn unig gyda myfyrwyr ond gyda staff a darlithwyr hefyd.

As I came to Belfast, I knew nobody. But as the weeks went by I made friends quickly, and this was facilitated by the strong sense of community here in the College. Coffee time in the mornings are a great opportunity to chat and catch up, not only with fellow students but with members of staff and faculty as well.


Rebecca Kershaw, Liverpool

Moving 150 miles away, from Liverpool to Belfast, I knew little of what life would entail. However, I can safely say that on arrival, I knew the right decision had been made. This was not because of the warm welcome provided by the University or the University’s Trampoline Club I joined shortly after the move, but rather, it was because of the new community that I felt a part of from the moment I stepped into Union College. At Union, they welcome you with open arms, so whether in the daily ‘Coffee Time’, lectures or the Gamble Library, there is a sense of being in a home away from home – something which makes being one step further away from your hometown worthwhile.


Cameron Macintyre, Hampshire

Before I moved to Belfast I was absolutely terrified because I had never been here before and I didn’t know anyone over here. When I arrived at Union College my fears were put to rest by the warm welcome that I received from some of the students and staff. I have really enjoyed my last three years at Union because of the close-knit community of the College, the academic rigour of the modules and the general craic (fun) of Belfast.