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Undergraduate Study

“You have the opportunity to learn from some world-renowned scholars at Union Theological College and there is a real sense of community.”

(Graham Mullan, Bachelor of Divinity)

Union College welcomes applications from students of all ages, from all parts of the world, and of any (or no) denominational background. All applications  for full-time Queen's University undergraduate courses must be made through UCAS.

All full-time undergraduate degree programmes in Theology are of 3 years' duration. Students are required to take 18 courses (or modules), normally 6 per year.

At Union College we offer a wide range of options in all our degree programmes. In your first year, you will be introduced to all the main  theological disciplines and in your second year you will again choose courses from across a range of disciplines. In your final year you can either choose to spread your module choices across a variety of subjects or you can choose to specialise in one or more of the subject areas. Dissertation and Research Project modules are available options.

From September 2018, two degree programmes will be offered at undergraduate level: Bachelor of Arts in Theology (BA) and Bachelor of Divinity (BD). The main difference is that the BA (Theology) programme requires that 70% of modules be completed in Theology, but the remaining 30% may be completed in other subject areas such as Anthropology, English, History or Philosophy. The BD degree programme requires that all modules be taken in Theology including Greek and Hebrew.

There is also a 2-year Diploma in Theology.

BD and BA (Theology) pathways will also be available on a part-time basis.